Friday, February 19, 2010

Wear Your Attitude

I am not difficult to please.

I am not a fussy eater. My taste buds are open to trying new flavours, both bland and exotic. I might eat less than what is required to satisfy my tummy if I don’t find something particulary tasty. Nevertheless, I eat it.

I do not hog the television. I happily allow the other living room occupants to take complete control over the remote. In fact, when I have the remote control in my hands I hardly know what to do with it, and gladly pass it on to someone who can make better use of the device.

I do not require fancy or expensive clothes, shoes, bags, make-up and jewellery. I have very simple clothing preferences that have more to do with comfort than high fashion.

That said, I am certainly not a clumsy dresser nor do I adhere to any Gandhian fashion beliefs of austere simplicity. I like elegance, I have fashioned my own personal style (at least that is what I like to think) and I occasionally like to look dressed up (dolled up?) too.

Now let me tell you what I don’t like. I absolutely loathe being told what to wear. I mean telling me what is appropriate attire in certain circles is something I’m open to and I will surely appreciate the inside information. But dictating that I must follow the current ‘in’ thing and specifying the fabric and cut is taking things a little too far. I refuse to bend down to something just for the satisfaction of gossiping aunties (apparently) who would otherwise get enough fodder to fuel their conversations, while they condescendingly click their tongues, disapproving such poor sense of style (hypothetical).

But it looks like I will be relenting after all. Not for the aunties, mind you. Only to put a smile on the face of someone. I guess it won’t kill me to indulge a loved one and give in to pretentious yet harmless joys.

Aaaarrrrggghhhh!! The woes of being a sweet lass who readily stomps her own desires for the happiness of others (again, this description is purely hypothetical)....

P.S.: It looks like I am going to be using this blog as my punching bag. Considering the past few posts, I’ve been letting off steam through my writing (as well as bottled up emotions – positive and otherwise) and treating myself with some blog-therapy. So far, it seems to be working! :) Best Blogger Tips

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  1. If it's therapy you're looking for, you gotta go all out and leave a gaping hole in that punching bag ;))

    And oh yeah. Always works. Always ;)

  2. Yeah, I still don't have it in me to go all out... but I'm working on it. One post at a time. ;)

  3. Oh I just noticed your 'Don't leave yet' note. Maybe I should do something like that. Pah. People, I tell you. They actually spend precious time reading my rambling, but are too busy to say anything. The most popular excuse though, is 'I feel too exposed.' Err excuse me? Here I am, bleating nonstop about my life, letting you into my head, heart and everything else, and YOU are feeling exposed?? Grrrr...

    Lol Sorry for hogging your comments space. It's your fault thought. You've set the stage wonderfully for a venting experience :D

  4. Lol... You are most welcome to hog all you want.

    Yeah I wish everyone who reads a post would comment, but do you comment on every blog post you read? :) Neither do I. And not everyone really has an opinion.

    About feeling exposed... hmmm... I've been thinking about it since I wrote this post... I'm still hesitant about letting people into my thoughts. It is pretty liberating though. Yet... I don't know. As I mentioned before, I'm still testing the waters. One post at a time. :)