Saturday, February 20, 2010


“Tomorrow and all the other approaching tomorrows looked bleak and thorny. She wished she didn’t have to get out of bed and face whatever it was that was in store for her. With the option of Melting into Nothingness unavailable in the list of things to do with herself, she decided to meet Sarah. She needed to talk, big time. Spill her guts to someone who would hear her out. Speaking with Sarah always had a soothing effect on her frayed nerves.

Two hours of conversation later, the heaviness had lifted. The sky was blue again and sun shone down on her. The predicament still persisted, yes. But it was no longer unchallengeable, its thorns visibly reduced. She could look at it rationally. She was able to think again.”*

*Spontaneous fiction written to underline a thought. Best Blogger Tips

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