Sunday, February 21, 2010

See... this is how the wheels turn

This post is inspired by my friend’s concern that I am probably drifting towards an unwise revelation mode through my blog. My friend feels that I am making myself vulnerable by exposing my inner self and thought process to all and sundry. To quote him “Give them the final picture; don’t tell them how the sketch is made.”


Being honest and baring your soul, or at least part of it, is so very liberating. Blog-therapy, as I call it, has helped me come to terms with a few issues lately and I’m itching to know how it can continue to help. That calls for more straight-from-the-heart writing and further access to my inner thoughts. Do I want to do that? Do I want to let people into my head and show them how the wheels turn? I’m not sure what the repercussions of such actions would be.

I am not double-faced and I hate false pretensions. But like almost everybody I do not always voice my thoughts. Two reasons for this.

# 1: I do not like confrontations. I voluntarily, though sometimes half-heartedly, choose peaceful dialogue over exciting debates, no matter how exciting. Cowardly as it sounds, I’m very uncomfortable about rubbing people the wrong way.

# 2: I get tongue-tied. When I try to voice my opinion, I hear myself say things that are not exactly in line with my thoughts. I think this is because my thoughts are racing from one idea to the next and my vocal chords cannot catch up.( I wonder if this condition/disorder has a fancy name.) So the end result is a distorted version which rarely makes for strong dialogue.

Now writing, via blogging, is another story altogether (pun intended). This mode of communication helps get the message across minus distortion. There are tons of bloggers out there who rejoice at the freedom of expression available though the blogosphere and are going all out to bare their soul. But, from what I have observed, a lot of them do it under the cover of anonymity. Like him and her.

Some courageous bloggers do it without using an alias. Like her. But of course there are still limitations when you choose not to hide behind a pseudonym.

What route is this blog going to take? I don’t really know. Right now it’s serving as my therapist and I’m going to try and experiment with my treatment methodology as much as I have the nerve to. *Seat belts on.* Best Blogger Tips

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  1. thanks for coming by n commenting.. :)

  2. Hi 芥末,

    Unfortunately, I don't understand Chinese. So it would be really cool if you could comment in English.
    Thanks for stopping by.:)

  3. Hey there
    "When I try to voice my opinion, I hear myself say things that are not exactly in line with my thoughts." -Thank you for this line! I suffer from the same dis(?)ability. :)

    And yes my blog is new and I like to be anonymous for now cause I have no idea what I may end up writing about!
    Cheers and keep blogging :)

  4. Welcome CG! Glad to know I'm not the only one with this embarrassing disability.. I've made a fool out of myself often beacause of it.