Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Notes: Nausea, the Reading Habit and a Big Heart

I haven’t gone in for the check up with the doctor yet, but thankfully things are looking hunky dory. That is, if you consider constant nausea, wild cravings (yes, this early on!) and miserable mood swings to be normal everyday behaviour. Just another mad pregnant woman with hormone levels rising...


A friend of mine in Mumbai always carries a book with him to work, so he can read during the one-hour journey in the early morning local train. Why not on the one-hour journey back? I ask. Because I’m too bushed to read and prefer to doze, he says. Anyhoo, he said he noticed something different among Mumbaikars lately. Every day he comes across people who want to know what he’s reading. Every day there are at least three inquisitive people in the train.

If you’ve lived in Mumbai, you know how Mumbaikars don’t give a damn about the throngs of people they meet every day in their travels to and from their work places. So it’s quite strange to have random people strike a conversation with you every single day. And all because you carry a book. He says this never used to happen about 8 years ago. I find this wonderful. It means more and more people in Mumbai are getting interested in books.

My friend says some enquirers even ask him what the book is about and if it’s any good. He says Chetan Bhagat’s book (he read Two States recently) has generated the most interest, hands down. That’s what I love about Bhagat. Purists can scoff all they want at his writing skills (lack of?) but ultimately, he is one of the few writers doing a great service to the common man, namely pushing the reading habit in India.


I was reading this post on adoption which got me thinking about something I’m sure a lot of us have thought about sometime or the other. When I was younger I was almost certain that I would adopt a child one day. But the problem is we grow up and as we do, we rapidly shed ourselves of courage and idealism, preferring to link ourselves to things more within our comfort zone. Oh for the strength, love and determination to happily go through all the sticky issues that come with raising an adopted child! Especially when one already has biological children. I know no one is perfect and we are only human, so it is hard to imagine parents being completely unbiased all through.

Then again, I know there are exceptions. The following example is not really about adoption but it comes close, I think. Growing up in the Gulf, my family was very close to this family with five kids. We never realised till years later that the older two kids were products of their father’s previous marriage. They were only toddlers when their real mom passed away and their father remarried. No one in our circle of friends knew this bit of history, and the amazing woman who became their new mother never gave anyone a reason to doubt that all five kids were her own flesh and blood. We came to know the truth much later when the eldest child was in med school. I do remember when I was probably only ten years old, my mother remarked to this fine lady how much her eldest daughter resembled her and she only smiled in response. Best Blogger Tips

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  1. good one as always!!!luved it!especially the big heart!

  2. Hi .
    reacherd here from restlessquills blog .... i am the son of an amazing woman too ;-)

  3. Hey SP. Welcome. Congratulations on being the son of an amazing woman! I dunno what that is really supposed to imply but I'm glad for you all the same. :)

  4. Nice - i like the thought of how we 'rapidly shed ourselves of courage and idealism.'

    I find this to be true as we tread the path of life. Children are the best examples of honesty and purity. We should learn from them.

    And - I'm sure the nausea will fade shortly.

  5. i think the abrupt ending brought in a special beauty to this write :)
    take good care of yourself :)

  6. came here through SUmi's blog.
    I liked the writeup.
    wiill keep this blog on radar!

  7. @KM: It's true, children have so much to teach us, if we just stop and pay attention. I'm learning so much about curiosity, honesty and love from my daughter. :)

    @Sumi: I love when a writer ends the piece abruptly and makes you think about that last thought for a while.

    @Sorcerer: Welcome! I just visited your blog... 162 followers (and counting, I'm sure)! I am sooooo jealous! :) Don't just keep this blog on your radar. Hit that Follow button, dude! :)