Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Special

I completed five years of marriage today.

Last night I revisited the Sumira who existed 8 or 9 years ago. Hubby and I took a trip down memory lane. We went through the numerous cards and letters we had given each other during our courtship. It was a wonderfully sweet experience to relive those first flutters, those hopes for the future, those tender, earnest and heart-breaking young promises. The words we chose in our correspondences made me smile at their innocence, laugh aloud at the lovey-doveyness and get all teary-eyed at the journey and the story behind it all.

It’s the story of two college kids who fell hopelessly in love. It’s the story of two individuals who come from starkly contrasting environments and cultures, who met in Mumbai and decided to spend the rest of their lives together... It’s the story of a boy and girl who came face to face with plenty of opposition to their union, but overcome it all and finally won everyone over. It’s a true story. A happy story. A story that came rushing back in all its beauty at 12 am, 5th September 2010 as the couple sat on their bed and tried to read the cards and keep their impish 2-year-old daughter’s hands from destroying them. You know that feeling makes you feel warm and safe and happy? The one that tells you, right now, in this moment, all is right with the world and that you are truly blessed to have what you have? That was the feeling that enveloped this small beautiful family last night.


After getting all that mush out of my system, I think I should end on a cute note. Z was feeling a little left out as we were reminiscing about our wedding day. She was wondering how she wasn’t a prominent character in the story. If you’ve met my daughter, you’ll know how much she loves being the centre of attention. She decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. She must soon say something to divert the family attention and conversation back towards herself, and fast. She picked up the nearest cell phone and pretended to make a call. This is what she said, with a dead serious and straight face.

“Hello? Ummm... mujhe aapse shaadi karni hai”

(English translation: Hello? Ummm... I want to marry you.)

She then looks at the phone with a shocked expression and says, “Arey! Ye tho band hogaya!”

(English translation: Huh? The line went dead!) Best Blogger Tips

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  1. awwwwwwwwww sumi! that's the cutest post i'v come across in a long time!!!!your happiness ooozes through the post!May it last forever.

  2. belated happy anniversary Sumi.. I love all the mush and I just felt so happy for you. I hope that you have many many more years of happiness. God bless you all.

  3. very sweet one!
    felt like going through few of your blogs today and seeing what you have been up to...I just realized its been a while since I've been on your blogspot..loving it :-)