Monday, August 17, 2009

Prejudice, Paranoia or Protocol?

News channels had a field day as they shifted focus from swine flu and created a hue and cry about a rather unpleasant situation. The incident ruffled feathers and got the claws out in all classes, from the elite, the ‘aam junta’ and babudom too, more so, because it revolved around a huge iconic figure - Shah Rukh Khan, no less.

Shah Rukh Khan was detained and interrogated for two hours at an American airport, apparently due to his last name. Ironically, the star will soon be seen in a film titled ‘My Name Is Khan’. How apt. Anyway, this provoked such indignation in India (and among Indians across the world) that the Indian Government has decided to take the matter up with the US. Quotes are flying left, right and centre.

For us, the name Khan is synonymous with Bollywood, but for the paranoid angrez it spells terrorism and security concerns. Now, keeping aside our outrage at what happened to our beloved movie star, what the incident really brought to light is how the common Muslim is viewed in America every single day. Granted that after 9/11 things have changed drastically and such protocol is just part of national security. But the fact that anyone with a Muslim 'name' is put under the scanner, is quite disturbing.

Have we reached a point where Muslims, including myself, should accept that we will always be looked upon with suspicion and never whole-heartedly be welcomed in some countries? I have never been to the US, but if and when I do, will I be meted out the same treatment as Shah Rukh? At the heart of all this, lies a very sensitive issue, as things like prejudice, paranoia, or protocol for that matter, are not easy to alter. Best Blogger Tips

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  1. being a true muslim one does not need to fear because of few muslims forget muslim i dont even call them humans all muslims need not fear if they are true muslims was impressed by what u wrote but being a muslim only one thing i can say islam has spread across the globe through humanity and peace and good work and in all sections of religions there are good people there are bad people people but ultimately good people win